About Gmart

It’s everybody’s beehive. It’s “The Place” which connects men and women, young & old, urban and rural, simply everyone. In a few minutes, the show will kick off and all the different faces on the varied stands will be ready to share their memories, hearts, thoughts, past, and present. These are not regular stands where someone sells products, but rather pieces of a culture that insist on existing forever.

Villagers from all over Lebanon gather here to showcase their products. Some show their natural soap while others display artisans. Many present home sewn clothes while others fill their stands with homemade accessories. As you walk across, you can feel the authenticity that lies within this souk. Each stand tells a story. Each carries the passion of the people behind it. Every time you stop by to check a product, a long discussion erupts and people indulge in the history of their trade. Some trades go back to parents, grandparents, or even ancestors. These people are not there by chance. Something has brought them together, and it isn’t the product itself as much as it is the deep rooted message that has triggered their drive and devotion. It is the thought of keeping their heritage alive for many generations to come.

It all began with the old Hajje’s stand. There she stood in her old, floral dress that went up to her knees. Her hair, like a web of silver yarn, encased her head. Her wrinkled face reflected a compassionate smile molded with the burden of long years. Maybe, it was the way she stood, with her back bent, and her exploring eyes under her knitted eyebrows that carried me back in time to find myself in the arms of my own grandmother. She drove me home within seconds without even blinking.

I could not discover her secret; it might have been her old age or her huge set of bottles and jars that elegantly stood on the table in front of her. Within minutes, her wrinkled hands that have witnessed the hardships of life drifted from one jar to the other, from the zaatar & sumac to the olive and oil, the jam and honey, the distillates,  the grains and seeds to the spices and condiments. The stories were many, and they were all breathtaking and interesting. “No preservatives,” she said. “They are all natural, homemade, full of health benefits.” Her words reflected a great sense of pride and authenticity. The jars were filled with the passion of traditional Lebanese mouneh makers. Time flew by while the old Hajje explained how she came to this souk and how she attended many other similar events every year to promote the villagers’ hard work and make a living.

''The old Hajje was the cornerstone of our beginning''

What first began as a quest, soon returned to the deep rooted message she relayed when we met her. To live a long healthy life, take control of your food intake, and Feed your body with natural home made foods that are free of preservatives and full of healthy benefits!.

The old Hajje was the cornerstone of our beginning. She intrigued us to think of those people who are always forgotten behind the scene. We felt an unprecedented urge to find a solution to help this old Hajje and many other old Hajjes promote what they do.

Keep in mind, if you crave for soft drinks or junk food or you wish to buy appealing veggies and fruits that contain an unknown percentage of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and additives then we are not the place you are looking for. We really apologize. We won’t be able to help you.

Gmartians are confident that this is not a trend, but indeed a path leading back to our roots. What we can promise you though is once you become a Gmartian, you will never look back. After all, our aim is to grow a healthier community that believes that adopting a healthier lifestyle determines who they are.

Long live the Gmartians


We commit to sell clean, fresh, natural and organic products that are affordable for everyone to inspire healthier communities


To create a green community market that connects people together through healthy and happy living


Care –  Commitment – Accountability – Integrity – Trust – Quality – Innovation

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